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Duped and divorced by my wife, what should I do?

I kept a mistress, but I did it quietly, so as not to

give my wife any cause for complaint. Then, all of a sudden, we have a new maid in the house - a very pretty girl, smelling of

verbena, dark, slim but curvy. I fell for her at once. She

resisted, but then agreed, and we were caught on the act. The court granted in my wife's favour, she got everything, and only later I found out how she did it. There are special places, dealing with such things! She got a photo of my mistress, went to them, and they hired her a maid, who was of the same type as my mistress, they taught her to use my favourite smell, and she agreed with my wife to have it with me at 5 o'clock on Thursday, in her bedroom. My wife invited her Mamma and Papa, and her uncle d'Orvelin, the President, and Monsieur Raplet, the Judge, my friend. They walked in and caught me. Her father wanted to beat me! And the maid was paid 10 thousands for her "services" - it was her 8th divorce! Can I do something now, as I was duped?

Duped and divorced by my wife, what should I do?
As I see it sir you aren't divorced yet. Don't listen to your idiot wife's bragging (how the hell did she get the guests to wait five hours to set you up even way?). She isn't "Saved" yet. Stoop to her level if you have to. Don't let that black widow ruin your life.
Reply:You duped yourself.

Sorry. But there's no one to blame but you.
Reply:that would actually make a really interesting story. but unfortunatly, u were the one to blame.
Reply:You've got a good penchant for stories. Sounds like it will be a good book. Very conspiracy theory.
Reply:well, for starters you tried to dupe your wife by cheating on her. It is only fair play that she set you up to catch you in the act. Play with fire, you gonna get burned!
Reply:I think you deserved it....
Reply:unless you can get hard concrete evidence of this with witnesses and photos, and bank statments .. then you just up that certain creek without a paddle bro ...
Reply:That's quite a story line -- when will the book come out? I'd recommend it to my book club!
Reply:*yawn* - Boring!
Reply:Pondering whether or not you are duping your readers!

If not, it would appear the kettle is calling the

What goes around, comes around.
Reply:If you were so disatisfied in your marriage, why do you care if she leaves you? Moral CHEATERS GET CHEATED

Learn your lesson
Reply:Now that, my friend ,is funny stuff.
Reply:wouldn't that be considered prostitution???
Reply:I'm not sure, but why would you marry a woman who has been married so many time before????

riding boots

What is eating my flowers??

I just started a window sill garden. I have gardenmum, verbena, waxed something, impatiants, bee balm, oregano and basil. They ranged in colors purple, red, gold, green, and pink. The only things that have survived is the red waxed and so far the impatiants(but I planted those yesterday along with the bee balm). I thought at first the hard rain made the oregano sink and loose some green until every flower is being eaten till the very dirt touches it. I'm pretty sure it is birds because I live on the second floor. Most these flowers were planted within a week, so I doubt it's bug so soon. What can I do to deter them? I want my flowers and herbs!

What is eating my flowers??
I don't think it's birds either, but I do suspect a rodent of some kind. Mice are amazing little climbers, and do like to nibble flowers. Could be chipmunk or squirrel also, or maybe some other night marauder (you don't mention where you live). And since it happened so fast, and you don't see bugs (or their droppings - black specks indicate caterpillars), I'd say it's a small critter.

Is there any way you can create some sort of cage over your plants? Perhaps something fashioned out of hardware cloth or chicken wire? Not the prettiest to look at, but it may work. Be sure to get the wire with very small openings - mice can get into very small places. Try to get 1/2" or smaller - hardware cloth comes this way (it's not cloth at all, but metal mesh. A bit difficult to work with, you'll need metal shears or tin snips, and gloves, as it's sharp when cut).

Another thing it could be is slugs - they feed at night, and during the day hide in soil or under pot trays. Sometimes you can get a 'case of slugs' from the potting soil you used, or in the soil of the plants you buy at garden centers. You can put out saucers of stale beer to trap them, or get diatomaceous earth to spread on top of the soil - makes the surface 'itchy' for soft bodied slugs. The earth is available at garden centers or pool supply stores, and I think pet supply stores that sell fish supplies (used for filtering). Crushed eggshells can work for this too, especially if your area to cover is small. Cheap and easy too.

Good luck!
Reply:It isn't birds. It sounds to me like root rot. Are the pots well drained? If not, then the plants are sitting in water and are literally drowning.
Reply:it might be a rabbit

I am not finished with this, but what do you think of this poem so far?

You think I don’t see you but I do.

Don’t turn around for you will see me, too.

Yesterday my verbena was tall.

Now it looks like it missed summer and went to fall.

I know you ate it by the way it looks.

Twernt any fish that ate it from the brooks.

One of these days you will go too far,

And I will snatch you up and put you in my car.

Far away I will drive to relocate your hide,

And when I do, my garden, n’er you’ll be inside.

Keep on eating the grass for I don’t mind.

It is rye grass, which grows back in time.

I am going back inside to re-read my notes.

I’d rather have you around than an old billy goat.

My gladiolous you have not touched.

You’re so young, guess you don’t know much.

I fret the day you taste one of them

Because when you do they’ll be gone – bulb and stem.

I am not finished with this, but what do you think of this poem so far?
It is alright PS do you have a girlfriend
Reply:I think it's great so far. I love your style. This suits my taste in poetry. I love a poem that tells a story and you've told it well in my opinion. Can't wait for the 'finish'.
Reply:Hahaha...for one horrifying second I thought you were talking about a woman instead of a rabbit...could you specify that in your poem or include it in the ending so I don't get all freaked out thinking you're going to kidnap some unexpecting Yeah, it needs some work, the old-language is confusing to some audiences, irritates others, and amuses the rest. Shakespeare was old and bawdy...let him use the dumb words. I know there's some liscence to be had when rhyming, if you read mine you'll see that I had to stretch at some points too, but don't work too hard to get it to work for you. Try finding different ways to say exactly how you feel. It might end up working better both rythmically and match closer to what you're trying to express.
Reply:my personal opinion is it is very very good.
Reply:ohhh my i think its interesting... But what is it about....exactly.
Reply:Parts of it are a little forced. Don't try too hard to make it rhyme! If need be, you can change the pattern, or not rhyme at all. Like this:

You think I don't see you,

But I've always seen

The curve of your smile

And the warmth of your sheen.

Or something like that. Also, where did you get 'twernt'? Now you're just making up words on me.
Reply:aww i like the feeling that it gives, it just needs a little tweaking here and there
Reply:I think it's very good. All thru the poem, I was

trying to figue out what was eating at your

garden....until you told us in the details.

Do gladiolas bulbs really taste good? or just

to rabbits?
Reply:weird creepy and disgusting

If detoxykall is so safe, then why can't the elderly, ppl under 18, people w/ high blood pressure etc use it?

DETOXYKALL is a liquid concentration which contains the following ingredients in its proprietary blend:

Aloe Vera Gel, Hoodia Gordonii, Arctium Lappa, Panax Ginseng, Taraxacum Officinale, Raphanus Sativus, Camellia Sinensis,Cynara Scolimus, Paullinia Cupana, Piper Nigrum, Crocus Sativus, Verbena Officinalis, Juniperus Communis, Angelica Archangelica, Opuntia Coccinellifera, Zingiber Officinale,Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Panicum Miliaceum, Sesamum Indicum, Rosa Canina, Nasturtium Officinale, Apium Graveolens, Tilia Cordata, Diospyros Kaki, Myrtus Communis, Undaria Pinnatifida, Laminaria Digitata, Chlorella Vulgaris.

It also contains: Ascorbic Acid,Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Deionized Water, Polysorbate-20 and Peppermint Oil.

so if it mostly contain herbs, why can't some people use it? especailly the elderly and people under 18? it only cleanse the body for toxic right? or is there something else to it that makes it harmful to the elderly and teens?

If detoxykall is so safe, then why can't the elderly, ppl under 18, people w/ high blood pressure etc use it?
The products states it should not be used by the elderly, children under 18, people being treated for high blood pressure, and especially if you are breastfeeding, depression, heart conditions, thyroid conditions, and or diabetes.

The product contains Hoodia and sodium both of which can increase your blood pressure.

If you read through their program it states that you should drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat a high protein / low carb diet. Well, if you just did this without using the Detoxykall you would loose weight in a healthy manner. Just because it contains herbs does not mean that it is safe or effective.

You can do a websearch on each herb listed by typing in "side effects of (list the name of the herb)" and read up on them all to see what they are used for and their safety.

Good luck and I hope this helped a bit!

New hair lightening trick! Click here!?

Hi! I made a process to, yes, lighten your hair. I tested it on my self, I know it works. (only use on light brown or dark to light blond hair.)

All you need is:

2 bags of lemon tea. (Or any herbal tea that contains lemon grass lemon peel, lemon verbena (optional) and natural lemon flavor.I used BIGELOW I love Lemon Herb Tea.

Herbal (Natural or organic work too) shampoo

Any conditioner

45 min and a whole night. (as in sleeping for 6-8 hours.)

A shower that can produce very hot water

A plastic cup

A shower cap

All you do is:

Fill up the cup 3/4 full with the hot water from your shower.

Put the tea bag in. Wait 3-4 min. Shake the bag for faster results.

Put the tea on your hair after it is cool. Put your hair in a shower cap.

Wait 20-30 min.

Make another tea filled cup.

Rinse off your hair in the shower and put the other tea in your hair before you shampoo, rinse.

Shampoo and Condition. (See things you need)

Try it did it work for you? (Or say good things about it.)

New hair lightening trick! Click here!?
wow really!!!

i'll go try it


... i've just tried it n guess wat...

... it worked, my hair i;ve noticed is now a nice light brown, it kinda looks blonder even :D

tnx alot i'm tellin everybody!!!

my rodents


me and my hubby are planning to visit Cebu this Coming March...and it's our 1st time, that's why we want it to be the Best (",)...can u pls enumarate the places that we should that we shouldnt miss to eat...

and also we had read that stayin in a pension house is much cheaper so we search in the internet and still confuse which one should we take: 1) VERBENA PENSION HOUSE...2) NS ROYALE PENSIONE...3) CASA ROSARIO PENSION HOUSE... 4) LS1 or LS2... 5) WESTPOINT INN **or if you have any suggestions to other place, feel free to tell us (",)**

can u please advise or convince us which is more...Good %26amp; Nice Place...Comfortable rooms %26amp; Affordable Price (budget -- below P1,000)...near to Malls and Tourist Spots...and easy to commute

we hope for your honest response....kindly please be specific, base upon ur experience in Cebu....Have a Good Day (",)....thanks

Select between Mayflower Hotel and Casa Rosario. Mayflower Hotel is a walking distance from the provincial capitol of Cebu, while Casa Rosario is near the Redemptorist Church. It has clean air conditioned rooms but are without swimming pools and are starless.
Reply:mactan, magellan's cross, the basillica os sto. niño....try their lechon...
Reply:I've been to Manila,The Philippines many times,and my last trip was on last 2 years. I missed Manila.

Anyways,I would recommend some popular and exotic dishes.

Popular dishes include lechón (whole roasted pig), longanisa (native sausage), tapa (beef jerky), torta (omelette), adobo (chicken and/or pork braised in garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar or cooked until dry), kaldereta (goat in tomato stew), mechado (beef or pork cooked in tomato sauce), pochero (beef in bananas and tomato sauce), afritada (chicken cooked in tomato sauce and vegetables), kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), crispy pata (deep-fried pig's leg), hamonado (pork sweetened in pineapple sauce), sinigang (pork, fish, or shrimp in tamarind stew), pancit (stir-fried noodles), lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls) and chopsuey.

Exotic dishes are

1. Camaro − are field crickets cooked in soy sauce, salt, and vinegar. It is popular in Pampanga.

2.Papaitan − goat or beef innards stew flavored with bile, which gives is bitter (pait) taste.

3.Soup No. 5 (Also spelled as "Soup #5") − a soup made out of testicles; can be found in restaurants in Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila.

4.Asocena − dog meat is especially popular in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

5.Pinikpikan chicken − chicken which has been beaten to death. Cooks do this to tenderize the meat and to infuse it with blood. It is then burned in fire to remove its feathers then boiled with salt and pork.

6.Balut-Preserved fertilized duck eggs.

Have a great trip!!
Reply:there's a lot options in going to cebu. here's a link, and it's up to you to decide. have a enjoyable trip.
Reply:can i join you? hehehe
Reply:F. Cebu. Goto the real philippines in the visayas or mondano.
Reply:Try to contact Local Guides here; contact details inside the website;

car rentals here:

Which one is your fave?

Which 3 body sprays are your faves?

Black Raspebrry Vanilla

Coconut Lime Verbena

Mango Mandarin

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Cucumber Melon

Sweet Pea

White Tea and Ginger

Night Blooming Jasmine



Which candy is your fave?

Jelly Belly's

Dark chocolate with nuts

Dark chocolate without nuts (or without)

Dark chocolate fudge with nuts (or without)

Light chcolate fudge with nuts (or without)

Hershy Kisses

Which flavor gum is your favorite?




What is your favorite color for a goody bag wrap?





Pink and Green

Blue and White

Blue and Green

Green and White

Pink and White

Thanks SO much! Best answer gets 10 points!!! (this is for my goody bag survery, I don't want to directly ask my geusts favorites! lol)

Which one is your fave?
I ♥ Surveys!! This is so much fun! You get a star!!!!

Which 3 body sprays are your faves?

Black Raspebrry Vanilla

Mango Mandarin

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Which candy is your fave?

Jelly Belly's

Which flavor gum is your favorite?


What is your favorite color for a goody bag wrap?

Pink and White

♥ Hope this helps! ♥
Reply:My favorite body sprays would have to be:

Mango Mandarin

Warm vanilla sugar

Black raspberry vanilla

(Pearberry is wonderfull too!!! I have smelled them all- they are great!!)


Jelly Belly!! yum!!

Gum flavor:



Green and white.

All good ideas :-)

Hope this helps :)
Reply:1.warm vanilla suger

2.night blooming jasmine

3.White Tea and Ginger

1.Jelly Belly's


1.Pink and White

black rasp



blue %26amp; white
Reply:my fav body spray is warm sugar vanilla, pear berry, and mange mandarin.

which candy is my fav is jelly belly.

which gum is my fav is mint.

whic hgoody bag wrap is my fav is pink.
Reply:Hell yeah, Bath and Body Works splashes! THEY ROCK!

Which 3 body sprays are your faves?

Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Plumeria.

Which candy is your fave?

Hershey Kisses.

Which flavor gum is your favorite?


What is your favorite color for a goody bag wrap?

Pink and white, even though I'm not a girly person. xD

Good luck! Hope I helped! :-)
Reply:1)Mango mandarin, pearberry, and black rasberry vanilla sound good.

2)Hershy kisses


4) Green and white

Reply:Mango Mandarin, Pearberry, and Black Raspberry Vanilla (I have the lotion on right now)

All the dark chocolates ;)

Fruity - I hate cinnamon

Green and white or pink and white
Reply:Black Raspberry Vanilla

Coconut Lime Verbena


Dark chocolate fudge with nuts


White (sparkly if you can)
Reply:Warm Vanilla Sugar

Mango Mandarin

Sweet Pea

Jelly Bellys


Reply:black rasberry vanilla

warm vanilla sugar

dark choco fudge

jelly sho lol

........fruity...def.. deff.


pink n green (classic)

blue n green (which blue)

agua n lime would be cute


hope this helps!!!
Reply:PEARBERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Mango Mandarin

Hershey Kisses :)

FRUITY !! who wants cinnamon? sets my mouth on firaaa.

(fire. lol.)

Pink and White.

good luck with your goodie bags ;]
Reply:Well for body spray's i would have to say

-Mango Mandarin

-Warm Vanilla Sugar

-Cucumber Melon

And for candy well

-Dark chocolate fudge with nuts

For flavored gum i will say


And last for goody bags it depends but i would say

-Pink and White


-Blue and White

Well hoped i helped bye
Reply:I love love love/ Black Rasberry Vanilla/ so girly!

Hershey Kisses/ for when your man is not their lol

Mint/ you got to be ready for ay cute guy!

Pink and White/doesnt every girl like it?
Reply:Black Raspebrry Vanilla

Warm Vanilla Sugar


Which candy is your fave?

Jelly Belly's


Light chcolate fudge with nuts (or without)

Hershy Kisses

Which flavor gum is your favorite?




What is your favorite color for a goody bag wrap?





Pink and Green

Blue and White

Blue and Green

Green and White

Pink and White

love them all
Reply:warm vanilla sugar

cucumber melon

mango manderin

hershey kisses